GLORIA REUBEN ~ ON DEMAND - Ends Mar 1 - Celebrating FOR ALL WE KNOW. Love, Your Valentine

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2 Dates Through Mar 01, 2022

Gloria Reuben
Join actress and singer Gloria Reuben as she celebrates the two year anniversary of FOR ALL WE KNOW, a duo record of beautiful, fresh arrangements of jazz standards! Gloria will be joined by the renowned guitarist Pete Smith. The two of them have begun a “duo revolution” as they continue to enjoy the excitement of embracing audiences with the magic and intimacy of vocals and guitar. 

Broadway World wrote of Gloria and her guitarist:

“Ms. Reuben stood center stage in a big spotlight and shared her soul, her music, her self with an audience that craved her originality and hung on her every word.”

“It is clear that the connection between Ms. Reuben and the music is a personal one - she needs nothing else but the music to feel content. And what a gift it was for her to choose to share that intimate, personal connection with a room full of people.”

"Gloria Reuben shared something else with that room full of people: Pete Smith. Admitting that this was the first time she had ever worked with the guitarist occupying the stage with her, Ms. Reuben assured all that it would not be the last - a wise move on her part because Mr. Smith is something rare, fair, and fine, rather like Gloria herself.”

Gloria and Pete will share with the audience the gorgeous arrangements of FOR ALL WE KNOW. 

A review by FOR ALL WE KNOW by Contemporary Fusion:

“If you’ve been waiting for music that will make you "feel it", you owe it to yourself to listen to Gloria’s wonderful romantic jazz vocals.”

For those in NYC come watch this magical duo in person! For those around the globe, particularly fans of Ms. Reuben’s long-standing acting career (“ER”, “LINCOLN”, “MR. ROBOT” and countless other credits), purchase a streaming ticket and have two weeks to watch what will no doubt be a beautiful, unforgettable evening of music! A perfect blend of intimacy and joy, in celebration of FOR ALL WE KNOW and the day of love..Valentine’s Day! 


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