Adrienne Haan & Magali Dahan ~ Margo & Juliette - A Dance On The Volcano In Weimar Berlin

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Saturday, May 21 2022 2:00 PM 3:30 PM EDT

"This is the most intriguing show in town at the moment. Beautifully written, with smart dialogues, fabulous music and an eroticism between two beautiful women that is not to be missed!" (Wolf Entertainment Guide)

"The chemistry between the two artists was thrilling and erotic!" (Cabaret Scenes)

"Haan and Dahan deserve all the bravos of this world. A true masterpiece." (New York Concert Review)

"Not your aunt's feminism for sure!" (Huffington Post)

After the 2019 success with Berlin, Mon Amour, Chanteuse Internationale Adrienne Haan - who has been artist-in-residence at the Triad since 2016 -brings back to the New York stage French cabaret star Magali Dahan straight from Paris.

Margo & Juliette is their first duo show, featuring two women in 1920s and early 30s Berlin; a story about their failures and successes, from feminist struggle to female glamour, sexual freedom and the longing for expectance, a dance on the volcano between the two world wars where each day (and night!) was celebrated as if it was the last.

Featuring all Weimar Berlin cabaret songs, this gentle and erotic soirée noir is set in the historical context of the cabaret era of 1920s Berlin, telling the story of two women fighting for liberty, (sexual) freedom and love before the rise of Nazism in 1933 closes the curtain of Berlin’s Golden Age forever.

Written, staged and directed by Adrienne Haan
Choreography by Magali Dahan
Musical Direction by Richard Danley





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