Laura Wazen & The Dan Dembicki Trio

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Sunday, October 18 2020 7:30 PM 9:00 PM EDT

**This exciting and unique performance will allow you, the audience, to participate by affecting the performance with your appearance and reactions. The virtual nightclub experience will be as powerful in your mind as an action-packed movie or well-written novel with the entertainment value you've been craving.

A beautiful voice is a gift.  The ability to communicate the lyrics of a song in a way that the audience can feel something ring true deep inside of them is a talent.  To have both a gift and a talent is a special combination.  For Laura Wazen, while having a beautiful voice, the most important thing is to communicate the meaning behind the song.  Sometimes this means that her voice is bel canto with a pure sound.  Other times, the meaning of the song is playful, or sad, or wise, or saucy, or joyful, or broken-hearted, and each of these meanings has a different kind of tone or diction that comes from deep within.  That is why Laura loves the idiom of jazz because it has the freedom of interpretation that is unique to each singer based on their life and experiences.  Because of this philosophy, Laura listens to and loves many styles of music in addition to jazz, be it country, bluegrass, rock and roll, French classics, Brazilian bossa nova, the blues, church spirituals….   What draws her to the music is the heart and soul with which it is played, and the singer’s ability to make you feel like they are singing the song that you have lived at some point in your own life.

Her performances include classic jazz repertoire, bossa nova, country songs, and contemporary music from some of the greatest composers of our time including Henry Mancini or Michele LeGrand.  

Laura allows herself to be in the moment when performing. This means feeling the phrasing and musicality of her fellow band members and allowing their musical ideas to influence her musical choices when delivering the song.  Being in the moment also means feeling the music in the physical sense.  Is it time to stand perfectly still, or is time to use your hands to speak and feel the lyric?   Is it time to sway and let the music express itself physically with movement…?  

Her band is composed of great musicians, who like Laura have been playing music their whole life.  What is better than the upright bass?  John DeWitt’s sound on the bass is so rich and so pure, seeming to sing on its own like the vocal cords of a singer….  Laura loves to sing at times with just the bass alone accompanying her so the sound field is open and pure with room to feel and think the meaning of the song.  Other times, Laura enjoys the orchestral sound that only a piano can deliver.  Dan Dembicki knows how to use all ten fingers and all 88 keys when accompanying Laura on the piano.  Piano chords form a rich fat pad for her voice to float over the top of.  Other times, Laura’s ear draws to the drums which is the heartbeat of the music.  Jack Wazen’s style on the drums is organic and spontaneous.  The rhythms of the drum influence the rhythms of her voice, as lyrics in their own right have a rhythm that allows each delivery of the verse to be fresh and new.

London 12 am+1
N.Y.C. 7 pm
Chicago 6 pm
Denver 5 pm
L.A. 4 pm

Have you ever been pulled into a scene while reading a good book or watching an action-packed movie?  That's great story-telling: you're in the audience but you feel like you're in the scene. With our high-quality production, you will be transported to a nightclub experience.  We want you to take part in this exciting, new platform and participate and 'get into character' as a good audience should.  Let us show you how.

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While all the musicians are seasoned musicians, the jazz trio is relatively new.  This means that nothing is stale, and everything is in the moment, with all musician bringing their big ears to the bandstand to know and understand how they must play and respond to the others on stage.  The result is a performance that is fresh and exciting.    Pro stream webcam


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